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Working 4 the Cubs: Nate Wilder

Nate-WilderOne of the benefits of singing for the teams in the Cubs’ organization is that I get to meet many fascinating people who work for these teams.

When I sang for the Boise Hawks, I had the pleasure to meet Nate Wilder, scoreboard operator for the Hawks.

CF: Nate, I know you have a lot of responsibilities in your job — what do you like most about your work for the Boise Hawks?

NW: I love working for the Boise Hawks.  Operating the scoreboard is fun and also there’s a bit of process. Not only is there the game pushing of the buttons for ball/strike, out, hit/error, runs/inning runs, there also is putting in stats and players for teams in the computer that runs the display that shows player’s name, number, and stats (Batting Average, HR, RBI for hitters, ERA/IP/SO for pitchers) and click on name after getting name saved under the team and in stored column for game when the hitter comes up to bat or pitcher comes into the game and also make changes for lineup changes (Pinch hitter/runner, injured replacement, ejection replacement).

Last year I was Humphrey the Hawk for appearances.  Towards the end of season I’d have a lecture and lab on certain nights that prevented me from mascoting certain nights in August and September.

The one thing I love doing is shagging baseballs during Hawks batting practice so I can interact with the players and coaches. After college I want to play, coach, and work front office as interpreter/scout/ manager of a baseball team.

CF: What are you studying at Boise State?

NW: I am currently working toward a General Business BBA in the field of Management so I can use it in baseball for a major/minor league program. Originally I was going to be a Elementary Education major and go into teaching but I switched to Management this summer.

What made me switch was that my brother completed suicide on September 8th, 2013 and it was hard for me. It negatively effected my grades. The place where I could find balance and keep me going was baseball, and that’s why I’m working for the Boise Hawks as scoreboard operator and hopefully a player/coach/front office manager/scout after I get my degree.

I also have Aspergers, which is part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder.

CF: Nate, some people don’t understand what it means to have autism. What would you like to tell these people so that they understand how to talk to and be friends with people with autism?

NW: The only advice I can give to others is to talk to us and other people with disabilities with “people first language.” Instead of “autistic” or an “autistic person,” it is more polite to say “a person with autism.” Putting the disability first could come off as if the speaker is saying that the person’s disability outweighs their abilities as a person. It could negatively affect their psyche to set lower goals since they will probably believe that the disability being pointed out repeatedly is significant and defines them as a person.  This would prevent them from making themselves into the persons they want to become. Instead, they could use the disability to help them get where they want.

That’s all i can say since I can’t speak fully on the behalf of all people with disabilities (Autism, Schizophrenia, Depression, ADHD, ADD, etc.) since each person has their own tale and advice. Autism has the lower end of the spectrum disorders, middle of the spectrum disorders, and higher end of the spectrum disorders (where Aspergers is located). In order to gain full knowledge on Autism and other disorders, you’ll need to talk to more people who have Autism/other disorders since I can only speak for myself.

CF: Thanks so much, Nate. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you. Go Hawks!


Note: On September 19, the Chicago Cubs announced that they are moving their A – Short Season affiliate from Boise to Eugene, Oregon, signing a new player development contract with the Eugene Emeralds. Boise will now be an A-Short Season affiliate in the Colorado Rockies organization.

I’m looking forward to singing for the Emeralds!

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  • Margaret O'Connor-Campbell

    What a remarkable young man with a bright future. Thanks Nate for educating us. It is better to be schooled by those who know than those who think they know!


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