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Top 30 Game of Thrones episodes (so far)

The Great War is coming July 16 in Season 7 of HBO’s award-winning Game of Thrones.

If you are like me, you want to re-watch as many previous episodes fromĀ the first six seasons as you can.

If you have the time to watch all 60 episodes before season 7, then gather your supplies and get started.

But if you don’t have that much time, here are 30 of the bestĀ episodes in chronological order.


1.1 Winter is Coming
1.4 Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things
1.6 A Golden Crown
1.9 Baelor
1.10 Fire and Blood

2.3 What is Dead May Never Die
2.6 The Old Gods and the New
2.9 Blackwater

3.3 Walk of Punishment
3.4 And Now His Watch is Ended
3.5 Kissed by Fire
3.8 Second Sons
3.9 The Rains of Castamer

4.1 Two Swords
4.2 The Lion and the Rose
4.5 The First of His Name
4.6 The Laws of God and Men
4.7 Mockingbird
4.8 The Mountain and the Viper
4.9 The Watchers on the Wall
4.10 The Children

5.7 The Gift
5.8 Hardhome
5.9 The Dance of Dragons
5.10 Mother’s Mercy

6.3 Oathbreaker
6.5 The Door
6.8 No One
6.9 Battle of the Bastards
6.10 The Winds of Winter


Read more at the official Game of Thrones website.

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