Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Reader Reviews

“Delightful book that every family should pick up when questions arise about Santa. I suggest having it ready when your child turns 7 to help answer those questions. It was brilliant decision to write this book in verse too! 5 Stars!” – Barb Gilman, Catholic school teacher, 2014 NCEA Distinguished Teacher

“Fresh, funny, original and perfect for girls and boys everywhere. Christopher Fenoglio has created a holiday poem for children of all ages.” – Adriana Trigiani (Kiss Carlo, Brava Valentine, Big Stone Gap)

“Once you’ve enjoyed it, I believe it will become a cherished part of your family’s Christmas traditions!” – Lisa Hendey (

“What a wonderful story! This is one I can see becoming a family classic — a treasured book you take out every holiday season and read aloud before a sparkling tree. Told in imaginative rhyme accompanied by colorful illustrations, it’s in the league of the beloved ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas.’ Yet, it also stands alone!” – Donna Gentry Morton (The Heart Tide Series) Read her entire review!

“There is nothing like The Secret of the Santa Box in the marketplace. For parents with children, this book will be a true keepsake. This tender, sweet poem captures the essence of Christmas and provides a special tool for teaching children about Santa, about giving and about love.” – Julie Cragon (Bless My Child, Jesus at My Side, Talking to God)

“In the same way so many people can recite The Night Before Christmas from memory, The Secret of the Santa Box has all the makings of a new holiday classic. Filled with wonderfully nostalgic imagery that immediately evokes the Christmas spirit, The Secret of the Santa Box celebrates wonder, the thrill of hope, giving, and God’s goodness in beautifully crafted verse that, like a great song, will quickly get stuck in your head.” – Christa Banister (Blessed are the Meddlers)

“This is the best Christmas book to become a classic since ‘T’was The Night Before Christmas.’ If families will read this book to prepare and figure out how to transition into new Christmas traditions as their kids get older, this world would be a better place.” – Julie Powers Schoerke

“If you’ve ever struggled with how to tell your child the real truth about Santa, this book makes it easy. It’s sweet, inspiring and based on a true story.” – Joan Brasher

“The Secret of the Santa Box is a wonderful way to help maturing children see Christmas in a whole new way. Fenoglio does a wonderful job of ushering young people into an adult understanding, while still protecting the magic of Christmas.” – Shellie Braeuner (The Great Dog Wash)

“Fenoglio has masterfully written a short story for children who are moving beyond the mystery of Santa, to colorfully introduce them to the marvelous beauty of the true miracle of Christmas.” – Dr. Mark S. Bryan – Pastor, Glen Leven Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tennessee

“The Secret of the Santa Box is a delightful poem and a wonderful way to discuss with your children the true meaning of Christmas.” – Sr. Marie Blanchette O.P. – Principal, Overbrook School, Nashville, Tennessee