Sunday, April 14, 2024

Summary of The Secret of the Santa Box

Every year, young children around the world await the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. In the same house, some parents wonder if this is the year their child will question the magical nature of Santa Claus…

Like a sleigh pulled by reindeer that power its flight
And that Santa Claus visits each house in one night
Where he fills all the stockings of good girls and boys
With delicious confections and marvelous toys.

There are numerous names for this jolly old elf:
Father Christmas, St. Nicholas, Santa himself.
But the truth about Santa is more than his name;
There’s an actual person who’s rarely the same.

The main character in our story is Kristin, who is a very inquisitive girl.

When her mother bakes cookies that sweeten the air
Helpful Kristin spreads frosting on cupcakes with care.
She’s a curious girl and determined to learn
All she can about Santa before his return.

“Can you tell me why he dresses only in red?
Does he know to watch out for the planes overhead?
Will he eat all the cookies we put on his plate?
Does he care for his health? Is he watching his weight?

“Do his reindeer get tired? Do they ever get rest?
Should we feed them some apples? Are carrots the best?
I just don’t understand how he builds all the toys
And delivers them here without making a noise!”

Kristin’s parents realize that their daughter is growing up and is questioning many of her own beliefs about Santa Claus and Christmas.

After dinner and dishes they walk by the stores
To see bright decorations and wreaths on the doors.
All the lampposts are covered with ribbons and bows
While the courthouse and theater glisten and glow.

As they walk hand in hand with their daughter between
They arrive at a church and Nativity scene.
In the stable, the parents and shepherds bow low
To the babe in the manger with the glowing halo.

Just outside of the manger, three kings from afar
Offer frankincense, gold, and sweet myrrh in a jar.
Overhead there’s a star that’s so shiny and bright
And an angel who heralds the birth of the Light.

When the family returns home, Kristin’s parents decide that the time is right. They bring her into their bedroom, where she sits on the edge of their bed.

With a wink, Father takes from the uppermost shelf
An engraved wooden box that he made by himself.
He declares to his daughter, “It’s time that we tell
You the truth about Santa and Christmas as well.”

What is in the Santa Box? You will just have to read the entire poem yourself. Suffice it to say, with a simple method and a faith-filled message, Kristin’s parents succeed in empowering their daughter with the love and giving spirit of that first Christmas.

So the next time you question if Santa is real,
Place your hand on your heart and describe what you feel.
For within you, dear children, even as you grow old
Is a love that’s more precious than silver and gold.


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