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The Secret of the Santa Box

Parents: If it is time to tell your child the truth about Santa Claus in a positive way, this is the book for you!

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Children the world over have been enchanted and captivated by the charismatic being known as Santa Claus, Father Christmas, St. Nick, Sinterklaas, and Papá Noel. But eventually, they begin to ponder just how, with the help of flying reindeer, he can deliver presents to boys and girls all around the world in only one single night. And how does he fit down chimneys? And visit houses where there are no chimneys?

As the questions begin to multiply, THE SECRET OF THE SANTA BOX helps parents guide their child from an innocent belief in the fanciful realism of Santa Claus to an empowered understanding of charity, love, and goodwill, and the true meaning of the celebration of Christmas: the birth of Jesus Christ.

THE SECRET OF THE SANTA BOX by Christopher Fenoglio and illustrated by Elena Makansi, is a delightful poem written in the same lyrical style as ’Twas the Night Before Christmas.

This colorful book helps parents navigate the difficult terrain of moving from Santa Claus to the Manger in a loving and empowering way. It is a natural transition for children who have outgrown the “Elf on a Shelf” and are ready to move forward to the real meaning of Christmas.

Paperback, 32 pages, 10 x 8 inches
Retail price: $9.95
ISBN-13: 978-1732139145
Coloring Book, 32 pages, 10 x 8 inches
Retail price: $2.95
ISBN-13: 978-0996390170

What’s Inside

Every year, young children around the world await the arrival of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, their parents who wonder if this is the year their child will  to question the magical nature of Santa Claus. The main character in our poem is Kristin, who is a very inquisitive girl.

When her mother bakes cookies that sweeten the air
Helpful Kristin spreads frosting on cupcakes with care.
She’s a curious girl and determined to learn
All she can about Santa before his return.

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Reader Reviews

“Delightful book that every family should pick up when questions arise about Santa. I suggest having it ready when your child turns 7 to help answer those questions. It was a brilliant decision to write this book in verse too!” – Barb Gilman (NCEA Catholic teacher of the Year, 2014)

“Fresh, funny, original and perfect for girls and boys everywhere. Christopher Fenoglio has created a holiday poem for children of all ages.” – Adriana Trigiani (Kiss Carlo, Brava Valentine, Big Stone Gap, Tony’s Wife)

“Once you’ve enjoyed it, I believe it will become a cherished part of your family’s Christmas traditions!” – Lisa Hendey (

“What a wonderful story! This is one I can see becoming a family classic — a treasured book you take out every holiday season and read aloud before a sparkling tree. Told in imaginative rhyme accompanied by colorful illustrations, it’s in the league of the beloved ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas.’ Yet, it also stands alone!” – Donna Gentry Morton (The Heart Tide Series) Read her entire review!

“There is nothing like The Secret of the Santa Box in the marketplace. For parents with children, this book will be a true keepsake. This tender, sweet poem captures the essence of Christmas and provides a special tool for teaching children about Santa, about giving and about love.” – Julie Cragon (Bless My Child, Jesus at My Side, Talking to God)

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Media Reviews

“Gently and beautifully answers a maturing child’s questions about the truthfulness of the story of Santa. But the Catholic faith shows us that the real joy of Christmas is Jesus’ birth itself and that the joy of the mystery of Christmas comes not from Santa but from everyone—and Jesus himself. Told in cheerful illustrations and rhymes, children will grow to understand that although Santa is not real, Jesus is, and his gifts are true and everlasting.”
Peanut Butter & Grace

“Helps parents navigate the troubling terrain of moving from Santa Claus to the manger in a loving and empowering way.”
Notre Dame Magazine

“Celebrates wonder, the thrill of hope, giving, and God’s goodness in beautifully crafted verse that, like a great song, can’t help getting stuck in your head.”
Humanities Tennessee

 “A needed book for curious children ready to move past the secular stories of Christmas.”
The Boston Pilot

“Offers a beautiful way to teach children how to participate in the magic of Christmas giving in a new way.

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The Author & the Illustrator

The Author
Christopher Fenoglio has served the Christian publishing industry through positions with The Tennessee Register (Nashville’s diocesan newspaper), CCM Magazine, The CCM Update, and, the denominational website for The United Methodist Church.

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Fenoglio garnered First Place Awards from the Catholic Press Association for his Reel Life Journeys columns. A writer and editor by trade, he especially enjoys his ministry as a cantor and music minister for St. Henry Church in Nashville. He and his wife Linda have three grown children and two lovely, inquisitive granddaughters.

He still has the original props he used to tell his children about Santa Claus.

The Illustrator
Elena K. Makansi graduated from Oberlin College where she majored in Environmental Studies. She is a writer, artist, and vegan/vegetarian cook. She is part of the K. Makansi trio of writers of THE SEEDS TRILOGY (currently optioned for film by an award-winning independent production company), and is currently working on her first solo novel, LUNA AND THE MIDNIGHT CAFE. She blogs and runs a Facebook page about vegetables and cooking and works part-time for an organization promoting farmers markets and local artisans. She has worked on illustrations for several non-fiction titles and has designed many book covers. THE SECRET OF THE SANTA BOX is her first children’s picture book. Visit her website.