Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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Sharing my car with…

Back when I used to drive my car for Uber and Lyft, I met a lot of very interesting people. Here is a short list of people with whom I shared my car for a ride around town. This list is in no particular order, just based upon my sometimes sketchy memories.


Chris Carmack – American actor who starred as Luke in the first season of the TV show “The O.C.” and later starred as Will, the gay country music singer in Nashville.

Ben Aaron – Journalist and co-host of the talk show “Pickler & Ben,” produced in Nashville (Faith Hill is a co-producer) and syndicated to 125+ TV markets across the country.

Wallid Farid Ismail – Brazilian mixed martial artist and promoter of UFC fighters. Lebanese descent. IVC mixed martial arts world champion and BJJ champion, in town for UFC fight with his client.


LA Lady from Los Angeles in town to visit Paragon Studios where she will work with crew that will handle the sound post-production work on the new TV show “Patsy & Loretta” (2019) for Lifetime TV. Callie Khouri, the producer of the TV show “Nashville” will produce “Patsy & Loretta.”

Nervous Dad from Hermitage who drove his daughter’s car with her to west side of Nashville so that she didn’t have to drive through downtown traffic. I drove him back home and listened to him describe the crazy Nashville traffic. I think I see where his daughter gets her nervousness.

Trio of singers, one from California, another from Innsbruck, Austria, and the third from Mexico City in town to sample Nashville and see where they may want to perform some day.

Maureen from Rhode Island who is staying a week at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. She wants to get a tattoo and see the sights around Nashville.

Two guys in East Nashville, who along the way home late at night, stopped at Five Points Pizza to pick up dinner. I waited for them to get the pepperoni pizza and was rewarded with a slice as a tip on the way home.

Three guys and a girl celebrating her birthday. One of her birthday wishes was that they all make out in the back seat. None of the guys took her up on the wish, at least while they were in my car.

Susu, a friendly Oriental lady who got in my car carrying a pizza. I drove her to her apartment complex in Antioch. She gave me a $10 tip.

A couple in LaVergne, he was a white American, she was of Oriental descent, they spoke an Oriental language on the way downtown to dinner in The Gulch.

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