Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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On the Air: WNDB-AM

Interview-with-Marc-Bernier-400sqDaytona, Florida – Prior to singing the National Anthem for the Daytona Cubs, I had the honor of sitting and talking with Marc Bernier on WNDB-AM radio.

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My friend Marc is the former husband of my dear friend and high school classmate Melodye Browning Bernier. Since their family lives in the Daytona area, when they heard about my trip to sing in Daytona, Marc invited me to appear on his daily show.

[Side note: For many years Melodye taught music to grade schoolers, including future Braves slugger Chipper Jones. She once gave him a B in music. When the class put on a musical, Chipper was a great narrator.]

I’m usually not a chatterbox, but when I get going on topics like the singing for the Cubs, my family, my work and my writing (especially for The Secret of the Santa Box), I can be a gabber.

Being interviewed is kind of like doing a presentation at work, though there are some trade-offs. Like a presentation, you have to talk with a somewhat quick pace and with enough animation to keep the listener’s attention. Fortunately, during an interview you can stop and catch your breath while the interviewer asks the next question. Unlike a presentation, which hopefully you have completely scripted, the interviewer may ask a question to takes the conversation in another direction. You have to be alert and ready to go in that direction.

I think I did okay in this interview, though there are some pauses when I was trying to come up with the best answers for his questions. Marc and I had fun and certainly covered a lot of ground in this interview. I’m glad Connor was with me to take this photo and enjoy the moment. We had a wonderful time the entire weekend, which included a day-long trip to Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Overall, it was quite thrilling to talk with Marc on the air that afternoon. It was even better to see him, Melodye, Kathleen and Charlie in the stands at “The Jack” later that evening to hear me sing.

Thanks so much, Marc! I’ll let you know if I get an invitation to sing at Wrigley Field again. Perhaps we can both sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” next to each other with our best Harry Caray voices.


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