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Footprints in the sand

Footprints-345x464I know many have read a version of “Footprints in the Sand,” in which a walker looks back at his journey with God. The two sets of footprints are evidence that the walker did his best to spend his life walking beside God.

When he looks back and sees only one set of footprints, the walker asks God when that happened. He did not remember leaving God’s side. God replied that the two were always together, but that was a tough time in the walker’s life. The single set of footprints were made when God was carrying the walker through the hard times.

What struck me this morning as I walked the beach alone was that even with God at my side, I needed to keep walking. We are called as Christians to make an impression on this earth. The wind may blow away clean any mark that we may make. The waves may wash away any evidence of our existence. That does not matter.

i need to walk. I was born to walk, and when I do, I must carry the love of God inside of me. There may be just one set of prints, but the two of us are together.

My name Christopher has been translated to be “Christ bearer'” and I take that responsibility seriously. Even if no one sees my tracks, I will know that I am believing, walking, living the way know I should.

Lord, be with me on my daily walk, for my soul rests in you alone.

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