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About Christopher Fenoglio

Back-in-BaseballChristopher Fenoglio writes about movies, music, sports, and other popular culture that inspire one’s daily faith journey.

His book THE SECRET OF THE SANTA BOX helps parents inspire their children and transition them from a magical belief in Santa Claus to an inspired understanding of the true meaning of Christ. This beautifully illustrated Christmas poem is based upon the actual method he and his wife Linda used when talking to their three children about Santa Claus. The book was published by Treehouse Publishing Group in 2017 and is available here.

A graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Fenoglio has served in numerous editorial, production and marketing positions in the Christian publishing industry for more than 30 years.

For six years he wrote the “Reel Life Journeys” columns for The Tennessee Register, the newspaper of the Diocese of Nashville. These columns explored the inspirational and spiritual themes found in films, faith and family. His columns were honored numerous times by the Catholic Press Association, including First Place designations for Best Regular Column for Culture, the Arts and Leisure in 2009 and 2010.

In addition to The Tennessee Register, Fenoglio served on the website, marketing, and editorial staffs for CCM Magazine, The CCM Update, and the church member website for The United Methodist Church.

For three years he was the editor and publisher of his own publication for the Catholic book industry: New Catholic Books & Media. He is currently the digital content specialist for Ardent Health Serves. He also consults as an Operations Optimization Specialist with the EN Group, helping companies achieve their sustainability and efficiency goals while lowering operational expenses.

In the late 1980s, Fenoglio and friend Mary Corby recorded three cassette albums of Christian hymns: “Ave Maria and Other Songs of Devotion,” “O Sanctissima and Other Hymns of Praise,” and “Emanuel – The Music of Christmas.” In 2004, Fenoglio digitally remastered the Christmas album and re-released it on CD.

A former baritone in the Notre Dame Glee Club, Fenoglio currently serves as a cantor and music minister at St. Henry Church in Nashville. He enjoys singing the National Anthem at all kinds of events, especially at games and sporting events.

“When I sing the National Anthem in front of a large audience at a sporting event, I love to invite everyone to sing along with me. This is our nation’s song and it should be sung together. It’s not a song to ignore or cheer during or to use as an audition for a recording contract. No, it’s a song that speaks of our country’s strength and endurance in the face of bombardments and attacks. It’s a song that unites us and it should be sung together, loud and proud!” – Christopher Fenoglio

Fenoglio has sung the National Anthem at all of the current ballparks affiliated with the Chicago Cubs, as well as for the Vanderbilt Commodores, Nashville Predators, and the Tennessee Volunteers. Read more about Singing 4 the Cubs and watch videos of the performances at all of the ballparks here. You can see additional photos at the Singing 4 the Cubs page on Facebook.


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5 thoughts on “About Christopher Fenoglio

  • Ronald L Fenolio

    As you can see we might be related. I am the grandson of Lawrence Fenolio (aka Fenoglio) who came to America I believe through Oklahoma and Texas. My father Lawrence ‘Bud’ Fenolio was born in Lehigh Oklahoma before being raised in Texarkansas, and then moving to California. Lawrence Fenolio changed the spelling of the family name for the California branch of the family dropping the “g” in order to make it easier for non-Italian to pronounce.

    We know there were / are Fenoglio’s in Texas (large grain farmers, in Montesque), there were family members in Detroit, and some in Topeka Kanasas.

    I am just reaching to see if we are related. I have a son named Christopher Fenolio.

    Ron Fenolio

    • Christopher Fenoglio

      Hi Ron,

      I would like to think that all Fenoglios are related, perhaps by our Italian roots. Unfortunately, we may only be distantly related.

      My family immigrated from the northern Italian area around Torino (Turin). They settled primarily in southern Indiana. I know there are also many Fenoglios in Texas, but I have not yet been able to connect our two big families. So, without more information, its hard to say if/how we might be related. I will keep researching our family history.

      Best regards,

      P.S. My full name is William Christopher Fenoglio, named after my grandfather/Nonno William L. Fenoglio. What is your son’s full name?

  • Dear Christopher,

    My name is Abner Flores, and I am actually writing to you on behalf of my wife Beth Casaponsa (, to ask if you are still involved in publishing here locally in Nashville.

    My wife is interested in publishing a series of books which are geared toward Entrepreneurial Hispanic Women, and I was wondering if you could help. I will be happy to share more details about it once you respond.

    Warm regards,

    Abner Flores

    • Christopher Fenoglio

      Hi Abner,

      Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to help much. My Stopher Publishing Company was created just to self-publish the books and a periodical that I have created in the past. It is essentially dormant and I don’t take on other projects.

      I suggest you work with an on-demand press, perhaps through Amazon, so that once one book is completed, you and your wife can sell and promote one book to start. Hope you can build out the whole series!

      Good luck,

  • Hey Christopher Fenoglio,

    I noticed we both work with authors.

    There might be ways we can collaborate.

    Let me know if you’re open to a short call?

    Jay Jay
    Founder | Ace Of Spades PR


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