Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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A Purrfect Surprise

About four weeks ago a gray cat (named Grayson according to Wifey) was hanging around our front porch near a small crawl space under the stairs. Even then we wondered if she was pregnant and looking for a safe place.

Fast forward to last night in our garage, where meek meows could be heard coming from an unused cabinet. Inside were three small kittens

Momma cat is still actively parenting, leaving the brood safely behind while hunts field mice, chipmunks or other creatures.

We put a box, complete with a short front door and shag carpeting in the cabinet for their comfort. Water and food have been left outside the box for nourishment.

I am a dog lover and have never been fond of cats. Still, these kittens are awfully cute!

Who knows, perhaps Momma will pick them up and move away soon, or perhaps we’ll keep one.

Never know! 🙂


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