Media Reviews of The Secret of the Santa Box

The Deseret News: “The family in Fenoglio’s story comes to understand that everyone has a role to play as Santa, reflecting the goodness, generosity, and mercy of God.” Read “Should Christians celebrate Santa Claus?” The Deseret News also syndicated the article to six papers, including:

GateHouse Media Publications: GateHouse continued the syndication by sending the article, now titled “How Santa can be part of a Christian celebration of Christmas,” plus photos from the Fenoglio home, to publications and websites in 540 markets across 36 states, including:

Humanities Tennessee: “Celebrates wonder, the thrill of hope, giving, and God’s goodness in beautifully crafted verse that, like a great song, can’t help getting stuck in your head.” Read the full quote at Chapter 16.

Catholic News Service: “A needed book for curious children ready to move past the secular stories of Christmas.” Read the entire review in one of these newspapers: “Offers a beautiful way to teach children how to participate in the magic of Christmas giving in a new way. Read the review.

The Observer: “Diocese native shares Santa’s secret in new kids’ book.” Read the announcement.

The Tennessee Register: “Helps parents transition their children to a more mature understanding of the true meaning of Christmas. Read the feature.

The Tennessean: “I see parents as being ministers; teaching about God’s love and about the value of living a good life.” Read the article.

Notre Dame Magazine: “Helps parents navigate the troubling terrain of moving from Santa Claus to the manger in a loving and empowering way.” Read more in the 1980 Class Notes.

The United Methodist Church: “As Santa Claus, we spread the spirit of Christmas through our gifts and the good deeds we do for others.” Read the feature.